I’m thinking about rebooting this blog: Create a new .com site with my jQuery stuff and posting about technical/programming stuff there, while relaunching this site into a german blog, posting about non-technical stuff, music, politics…

If you read this, please let me know what you think: leave a comment, or send me a mail at [email protected]


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  1. 7. January 2010 |01:53

    Sounds like a plan, Jörn. Good luck!

  2. 7. January 2010 |02:05

    Just let me know and I’ll switch feeds.

  3. 7. January 2010 |11:23

    Tell me when and where and I follow you on your new site.

    Based on my experience having two or more blogs to split stuffs is a good idea but requires many energies at least for me

  4. Joshua
    7. January 2010 |16:00

    Sounds like a good idea to me. I’ll switch feeds when you tell us the new site is ready.

  5. DiS
    7. January 2010 |17:26

    Good idea — but i’ll still read both 🙂

  6. Jan
    8. January 2010 |13:45

    It makes sense. Can’t wait for the new site. Thanks Jörn for your work.

  7. 14. January 2010 |05:12

    Hi Jörn, Beware about the domains names, I mean, if people wrote something in a blog that is pointing to your plugins, they will find a broken link.
    I personally don’t follow your blog, but I use your plugins very often they are great plugins :).

  8. 14. January 2010 |10:25

    @Juan: I’d make sure that any links to this site are properly redirected.

  9. Marek Stasikowski
    14. January 2010 |10:33

    Since all I really care about at this site is javascript and jQuery, it seems like a good plan to me.

  10. 31. January 2010 |20:03

    Sounds like a plan. It leaves me with two options, switch fully to the new site… or learn to read German. I guess I’ll just switch over 🙂

    Like the others said, be super careful to redirect old links.

  11. 1. February 2010 |11:13

    So, when is this going to happen anyway? :-}

  12. Jan
    3. February 2010 |18:06

    Wir warten derzeit gespannt. Aber wahrscheinlich bist Du ziemlich im Streß, sodass eine neue Seite erstmal hintenanstehen muss…?

  13. 3. February 2010 |18:40

    This will take some more time…

  14. haha
    4. February 2010 |03:45

    Leave it alone 🙂 we’re familiar with your domain for your plugins 🙂
    === we don’t like change ?!

  15. 5. February 2010 |20:48

    It’s a matter of time. If you are able to spend your time on updating, patching and improving two blogs, do it 🙂 I guess, the personal one will be more static but it’s nonetheless two blogs you have to care for. You still have your development and all that stuff of which you would not like to drain time from!

    I have subscribed to your feed and I do not care if I read something personal or non-jQuery stuff from time to time. At least – if you are going to split – let one of the blogs be hassle-free and use posterous or tumblr or one of the other free-to-use blogengines. Good luck!

  16. 6. February 2010 |14:07

    That last point is a good one. I thought about creating something like a Tumblr. I should probably just try out the interface to see if I can work with that.

  17. David
    10. February 2010 |08:33

    Please leave this domain as technical. Create a new site with your new ideas, announce it here, but leave as it was conceived.


  18. roncli
    23. February 2010 |23:57

    I like the idea. I am in the process of subscribing to all of the various code I use, and it would be nice to have the jQuery stuff separate. 🙂 Plus I can’t read German, LOL