Using junction links to backup savegames via Dropbox on Windows

This is another “I never want to look this up again” blog post, maybe someone finds it useful.

My usecase: Automatically back up savegames through Dropbox, on the one hand as an actual backup, on the other to share it across computers. To do this on Windows, you need a junction link. In this case, I moved Skyrim’s Saves folder to a Dropbox folder, then created a junction link to point back at Skyrim’s folder. I don’t want to share the init files across computers – if you need that, just go a level higher.

C:\Users\joern>mklink /j "Documents\My Games\Skyrim\Saves" Dropbox\savegames\Skyrim\Saves

More information on the mklink command, or on NTFS symbolic links in general.


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  1. chartan
    8. February 2012 |21:25

    You helped me do what would otherwise have taken three hours. Thank you.