3D ATST rendered in WebGL

On a quiet Sunday afternoon I actually managed to render one of my old 3D models in WebGL. And I didn’t even have to deal with WebGL at all, thanks to Three.js.

The model I wanted to is an ATST, originally created for my Domino Star Wars project.

I had the model exported as a 3DS file, which I then imported into Blender, scaled down a bit, then exported to Three.js’ ASCII JSON format. Figuring out how to use the Blender plugin took a bit of digging (documented into a new readme). From there I took one of the existing examples and replaced the loaded model with my own. And tada, a rotating 3D ATST, in your browser, if it supports WebGL:

3D ATST demo

This isn’t all too interesting yet, but an important first step.

For more WebGL resources, see my WebGL Links post.


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  1. 19. December 2011 |15:55

    Awesome! Now just get Domino Star Wars working in Web GL!

  2. 21. December 2011 |11:30

    @John: Haha, yeah, that’d be something. Then you could share the frustration of those stupid stones never behaving the way you want them to.