Release: Validation Plugin 1.4

A new release of the validation plugin is done, now at version 1.4.

Along a few bug fixes, notable new features are custom messages specified via metadata and enabling an image button to cancel validation (just add class=”cancel”). New localizations are czech (cs) and dutch (nl).

Also the deprecated methods minLength, maxLength, rangeLength, minValue, maxValue and rangeValue have been removed, in favor of their minlength, maxlength, rangelength, min, max and range counterparts.

The complete list of changes:

  • Fixed #2931, validate elements in document order and ignore type=image inputs
  • Fixed usage of $ and jQuery variables, now fully comptible with all variations of noConflict usage
  • Implemented #2908, enabling custom messages via metadata ala class=”{required:true,messages:{required:’required field’}}”, added demo/custom-messages-metadata-demo.html
  • Removed deprecated methods minValue (min), maxValue (max), rangeValue (rangevalue), minLength (minlength), maxLength (maxlength), rangeLength (rangelength)
  • Fixed #2215 regression: Call unhighlight only for current elements, not everything
  • Implemented #2989, enabling image button to cancel validation
  • Fixed issue where IE incorrectly validates against maxlength=0
  • Added czech (cs) localization
  • Reset validator.submitted on validator.resetForm(), enabling a full reset when necessary
  • Fixed #3035, skipping all falsy attributes when reading rules (0, undefined, empty string), removed part of the maxlength workaround (for 0)
  • Added dutch (nl) localization (#3201)

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  1. Keith

    Thanks Jörn. Amazing as always.

  2. Great work Jörn!

    Do you plan on implementing full built-in date validation in a future update?

  3. Hi Stéphane,

    I took a look at datejs, with the hope to integrate their fully localized date parsing code. Its not trivial though, and so far the simple date validations already provided by the plugin seemed to work well enough.

    In other words: No, currently I don’t plan to add that.

    Contributions are welcome!