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How to be a more effective git historian with recursive-blame

The ability in Git to search through the commit history locally is one of the major reasons why I never want to work with SVN again. With Git there is no waiting on the server. Git also provides some powerful tools to search that local history, like git-bisect. If you haven’t used bisect, this is […]

Git fu: Bash addons

My .bash_profile, sourcing git-completion.bash to get autocomplete for git itself and git-flow-completion.bash to get autocomplete for git-flow, along with two single character shortcuts for the most common shortcuts (s for `git status`, d for `git diff`). And my .gitconfig, among regular config and customizing colored output also defining a bunch of aliases: (If you’re reading […]

Branching with Git

Now that jQuery UI is on Github, I need to learn how to branch and merge with Git – and not just local branches, but also pushing branches to Git so that others can work on them. The chapter on branching from Pro Git is a good start for learning branching in Git. And the […]