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Release: Validation Plugin 1.15.0

I’m happy to announce the 15th release (discounting various patch releases) of the project, bringing it up to 1.15.0. This is the first release managed by Markus Staab, who took over the maintenance for the foreseeable future. A lot of people (26!) helped out to get this new release out of the door by a […]

Release: Validation Plugin 1.14.0

The first stable release of the jQuery Validation Plugin, 1.0.0, came out in June 2007, making the project now a little over 8 years old, pretty seasoned for a JavaScript library. According to, its the 25th most popular JavaScript library, with over 1.3 million websites using it. I’m happy to announce the 14th release […]

jQuery Foundation 2014 roundup

In January 2014, now 11 months ago, the jQuery Foundation published its new mission statement: To improve the open web, making it accessible for everyone, through the development and support of open source software, and collaboration with the development community. I was one of the directors of the jQuery Foundation who worked on that statement, […]

Release: Validation Plugin 1.13.1

This is a patch release for the jQuery Validation Plugin. It contains a few changes, though most notable is the fix for the newly implemented aria-describedby-based behaviour for error elements introduced in 1.13.0. That turned out to have a few issues which are now addressed. Thanks to Markus Staab, who’s have been helping with ticket […]

Release: Validation Plugin 1.13.0

I’m happy to announce a new release of the jQuery Validation Plugin. It’s been just three months since 1.12, yet this release brings lots of small and two big improvements. For those two I have to thank two people in particular. First, Damian Mooyman, heavily improved the error message display implementation. From the outside, nothing […]

Talk recording: Effective jQuery

This is the official recording of my talk at the jQuery Conference in San Diego in February 2014, titled “Effective jQuery – Patterns for maintainability and performance”, recorded a few weeks ago, published yesterday. I probably spent about two full weeks preparing this talk, with lots of rehearsing. Still, I was very nervous at the […]

Release: Validation Plugin 1.12.0

Its been slightly over a year since the last release of the jQuery Validation Plugin. Its been almost eight(!) years since I started working on this plugin. Its been slightly over eight years since I started my first full time job as a software developer. Almost-decades aside, its time for a new release, so I’m […]

Release: Validation Plugin 1.11.1

A new version of the jQuery Validation Plugin is available. This is a bugfix release, mostly addressing regressions from the 1.11.0 release. The biggest one was related to the min/max methods, which would compare numbers to strings, in an attempt to make these methods work for date inputs as well. That’s now fixed. More details […]

Release: Validation Plugin 1.11.0

A new version of the jQuery Validation Plugin is available. Once again this release brings more stability (bug fixes!), better localization (new: Malay) and improved html5 compability (min/max attributes on type=”date” now work with the min/max methods). More details on the code and feature changes in the changelog below. Backwards compatibility is still going strong: The plugin […]

Release: Validation Plugin 1.10.0

Wow, 11 months. It really has been 11 months since the 1.9.0 release. Interesting freelance times! Anyway, the jQuery validation plugin 1.10.0 is here! While the very recently launched campaign is just at the start, I hope this release helps convince you that the project isn’t dead. On the contrary, this release brings you […]

Support the jQuery Validation Plugin

Validate forms like you’ve never been validating before! This has been the, a tad silly, tag line for the jQuery Validation Plugin for a few years now. Back in 2006, when Jörn Zaefferer started that plugin, he was still employed as a Java developer, contributing to jQuery mostly in his free time. Of the half-dozens […]

Vector math basics to animate a bouncing ball in JavaScript

Vector math is pretty much essential when you want to do any kind of physics simulation, be it as simple as a bouncing ball. While my goal originally was to implement a flocking simulation (like birds flying close to each other, but not too close), the lack of math skills led me to build a […]

Release: Validation Plugin 1.9.0

An update for the jQuery validation plugin is available. Most notable is heavily improved compability with HTML5 controls: You can apply validation rules to input types like number, email or url, it’ll get picked up by the plugin if the type matches a rule, and a required attribute (with the argument) also works with both jQuery 1.6+ […]

Release: Validation Plugin 1.8.1

An update for the jQuery validation plugin is available. This brings compability with jQuery 1.6.1, while staying backwards compatible with 1.3.2, 1.4.2, 1.4.4 and 1.5.2. The bug was related to the plugin’s usage of the form.elements property, which jQuery 1.6 doesn’t support anymore. Other then that, there is a bug fix for adding and removing […]

Release: Validation Plugin 1.8

An update for the jQuery validation plugin is available. This brings compability with jQuery 1.5.1, while staying backwards compatible with 1.3.2, 1.4.2, 1.4.4 and 1.5.0. A bug related to remove validation with client-side formatted messages was fixed, along with improvements to localizations and four new ones, resulting in a total of 34 localizations. This release […]

Autocomplete is dead, long live Autocomplete!

I’m finally deprecating the jQuery autocomplete plugin, about four years after its creation (which was actually a merge of two forks of another plugin). jQuery UI 1.8 was released in March, bundling the brand new Autocomplete widget and a worthy successor of my standalone plugin. The API is way more simpler while much more capable, […]

Release: Validation Plugin 1.7

An update for the jQuery validation plugin is available. Most important: Its now fully compatible with jQuery 1.4.2, and still fully compatible with jQuery 1.3.2. I didn’t test with 1.2.6, but it should work, too. There are four new localizations: Lithuanian, Greek, Latvian and Hebrew. The Spanish localization got a few improvements (I fully trust […]

Release: Validation Plugin 1.6

Update update: Files are now availble via Microsoft’s AJAX CDN. An update for the jQuery validation plugin is available. There are five new localizations (now at 26 in total), including Arabic and Farsi (both right-to-left). Validation of selects is now more interactive, click events are properly handled to provide quicker feedback (also a bug related […]

Release: Message plugin 1.0.0

I’m happy to announce the first release of the Message jQuery plugin. The plugin allows you to easily display feedback messages as an unobstrusive overlay. The message fades away automatically after some time, avoiding the need to click an “ok” button or something similar. The user can speed up hiding of the message by moving […]

Release: Validation Plugin 1.5.3

An update for the jQuery validation plugin is available. Among various bugfixes there are two new localizations (Taiwan and Kazakhstan), an enhancement to $.validator.addMethod that allows you to specify (localized) messages first, the actual method later; the submitHandler-option now keeps a submit-button “alive”, that is, won’t get lost when using the option. Probably most notable: […]

Labs Preview: jQuery UI Photoviewer

Fresh from the jQuery UI Lab comes the Photoviewer widget. As described on its planning wiki page: An alternative to Lightbox and its various clones, with the sole purpose of displaying images: One or more thumbnails point at the full resolution image, and instead of displaying that image on a new page, its displayed, above […]

Release: Prettydate plugin 1.0.0

I’m happy to announce the first release of the Prettydate jQuery plugin. The plugin is based on the plugin originally written by John Resig and provides clientside date formatting in the style of Twitter’s timeline: “just now”, “5 minutes ago”, “yesterday”, “2 weeks ago”. This release extends John’s original release, providing support for internationalization and […]

Release: Password Validation plugin 1.0.0

I’m happy to announce the first release of the Password Validation plugin, an extension for the jQuery Validation plugin. This plugin extends the jQuery validation plugin, providing two components: A function that rates passwords for factors like mixed upper/lower case, mix of characters (digits, special characters), length and similarity to a username (optional). A custom […]

Release: Validation Plugin 1.5.2

An update for the jQuery validation plugin is available. There is a small code fix, a new supported locale (slovak) and most notably, a new demo featuring integration with jQuery UI tabs and grouping selects. Fixed messages in additional-methods.js for maxWords, minWords, and rangeWords to include call to $.format Fixed value passed to methods to […]

Releases: jQuery 1.3 and Validation Plugin 1.5.1

jQuery 1.3 is out – head over to the jQuery blog release post for details. Happy third birthday, jQuery! If you plan to update, make sure to also update the validation plugin to 1.5.1, which provides compability with 1.3 as well as 1.2.6. Other changes include: Updated marketo demo to use invalidHandler option instead of […]

Release: Validation Plugin 1.5

A new release of the validation plugin is done, now at version 1.5. Four more localizations were added: norwegian (no), italian (it), hungarian (hu), and romanian (ro), bringing the total number up to 16 localizations! A few new options are available as well: ignoreTitle is false by default, when set to true, all titles are […]

Release: Tooltip Plugin 1.3

This is a small update for the jQuery tooltip plugin. The support for image maps is back, the deprecated $.fn.Tooltip is gone (just use tooltip() instead), and two new features: A fade option, which takes the duration to fade in/out a tooltip in milliseconds. And the positionLeft-option, which configures the plugin to display the tooltip […]

Release: Validation Plugin 1.4

A new release of the validation plugin is done, now at version 1.4. Along a few bug fixes, notable new features are custom messages specified via metadata and enabling an image button to cancel validation (just add class=”cancel”). New localizations are czech (cs) and dutch (nl). Also the deprecated methods minLength, maxLength, rangeLength, minValue, maxValue […]

Release: Autocomplete Plugin 1.0.1

The autocomplete plugin 1.0.1 is released! For anyone using 1.0 or below, an update is highly recommended, as this is a pure bugfix release. From the changelog: Fixed element creation (<ul> to <ul/> and <li> to </li>) Fixed ac_even class (was ac_event) Fixed bgiframe usage: now its really optional Removed the blur-on-return workaround, added a […]

Release: Validation Plugin 1.3

A new release of the validation plugin is done, now at version 1.3. This release adds five more localizations and fixes a few bugs, eg. “asdf” is not a valid creditcard number anymore. Major improvements went into validating a form without triggering UI feedback and batch adding and removing of rules. The complete list of […]

Release: Autocomplete Plugin 1.0

I’ve started this autocomplete plugin in fall 2006, picking up the great work from Dylan Verheul, Dan G. Switzer and Anjesh Tuladhar. Dylan provided the initial implementation which got improved by Dan. Anjesh added support for completing multiple values within one field, similar to GMail’s to-field. I’ve merged these efforts, refactoring a lot of code, […]

Release: Validation plugin 1.2.1

The 1.2.1 release for the validation plugin is out! Among bugfixes related to remote validation and message display a few handy improvements landed: The delegate dependency is now bundled with the plugin (it was always required anyway), and the small part of the ajaxQueue plugin that was required for remote validation is now part of […]

Release: Treeview plugin 1.4

I’ve just released an update to the treeview plugin. One major improvement are completely overhauled themes, based on CSS sprites that require only two images. That makes customizing them much easier, while also improving performance – less file, less filesize. Also new are lazy-loaded trees, based on Ajax and JSON. From the changelog: Fixed tree […]

Release: Tooltip plugin 1.2

I’ve just released an update to the tooltip plugin. Its mostly a bugfix release with a few small improvements. I’ve also moved the documentation to the jQuery wiki and restructured the folder layout to fit other plugins. From the changelog: Improved bodyHandler option to accept HTML strings, DOM elements and jQuery objects as the return […]

jQuery Validation plugin overview

I’ve recently posted about the 1.2 release of the validation plugin. The post contains an unordered list of changes from the last release, which is handy when coming from a previous release, but lacks the perspective of someone new to the plugin. Therefore this post will cover three areas where the plugin has been improved […]

Release: Validation plugin 1.2

Its finally done, the 1.2 release of my validation plugin is out. Check the plugin page for links to the download, demos and documentation, which has been completely overhauled. From the changelog: Added AJAX-captcha validation example (based on Added remember-the-milk-demo (thanks RTM team for the permission!) Added marketo-demo (thanks Glen Lipka!) Added support for […]

LBA, day 4, ajax experience II

At the welcome note, Ben and Dion showed their favorite YouTube videos, stuff like Darth Vader being a Smartass and Darth Vader Blues. I arrived that late that I missed that actual stuff they were talking about. Oh well… The first session that I attended was by Kevin Hoyt from Adobe about the Adobe Integrated […]

LBA, day 3, ajax experience I

This was the first actual day of the AJAX experience, with welcome refreshments, keynotes, quite some interesting sessions, lunch and cocktail, and, dinner with about 14 people from the jQuery community. I met Karl Swedberg and Jonathan Chaffer, authors of the Learning jQuery book. I met and talked quite a lot with Richard Worth and […]

LBA, day 2, ajax experience tutorial sessions

11:25 EST Just had my first continental breakfast, which was better then what I expected from what I’ve been told about it. Coffee, tee, juice for drinks, toast, donuts, bagles, and, a wafle maker! Someone was so pleasant to explain to me how that one worked, I must’ve made the impression of being quite lost […]

Release: Validation Plugin 1.1.1

Getting Validation 1.2. done takes much longer then I expected. To compensate for that, here is a bugfix release for the validation plugin, containing all fixes and improvements from the latest revision, compatible with both jQuery 1.1.x and jQuery 1.2.x. Plugin page(s): & Notable changes: Fixed invalid XHTML, preventing error label creation in […]

Release: Treeview plugin 1.3

Good news everyone! The treeview plugin version 1.3 is out, giving you an even better tool at hand to display and navigate your trees. Plugin page(s): & Notable changes: Fixes for all outstanding bugs Added persistence features location based: click on a link in the treeview and reopen that link after the page […]

Free Time, Branching and SVN Clients

We don’t have enough time. Some may even say, they have no free time at all. In my experience, that is always a matter of priorities. If something has a high enough priority for you, you find free time to spend for it. If your top priority is your job and you keep spending ten […]

Artikel im Javamagazin

In der 9.2007 des Javamagazin erschien mein Einführungs-Artikel zum Thema jQuery. Feedback dazu habe ich bisher noch von niemand erhalten, den ich nicht sowieso schon kannte. Macht aber nichts, und vielleicht ändert sich das noch, da der Artikel jetzt auch online verfügbar ist. Der Artikel ansich ist derselbe, praktischerweise sind aber alle Verweise direkt als […]

Release: Accordion menu plugin 1.5

I’m happy to present you a new release of my Accordion menu plugin for jQuery. Thanks to some essential help from John Resig on animations, this may be the first release that is actually worth its code. And its the last release as a standalone plugin (stay tuned). If you are already using the plugin: […]

Why open source?

While glancing over Dr. Dobb’s article Getting Started With jQuery I read this: Whether the motivation behind making their labors freely available is a matter of seeking recognition, resume building, free advertising for other services, bragging rights, or just plain old-fashioned altruism, we can gratefully take advantage of these tools. jQuery is one such tool. […]

Release: Accordion menu plugin 1.4

An update to the jQuery accordion plugin brings you, among minor bugfixes and a demo overhaul, one notable new feature: The navigation-option automatically activates a part of the accordion based on the current location (URL) of the page. The basic idea came up in the comments on the plugin page and was at first implemented […]

About client-side form validation and frameworks

There is a good article about client-side form validation on the Interaction Design Blog. It describes important points to keep in mind when building your own framework for client-side validation. Of course the alternative to building your own framework is to use an existing one. This approach yields some important advantages, amonst them the “given […]

Release: Tooltip plugin 1.1

This update to the jQuery Tooltip plugin brings a few minor yet very useful features and some very important bug fixes. A full list of changes can be found in the changelog. Maybe more useful are improvements on the project structure. In addition to the started changelog, the plugin page now uses the same documenation […]

Release: Validation plugin 1.1

Hooray! Version 1.1 of the validation plugin brings, along a few bufixes, sophisticated validation on blur, keyup and click events. They are designed to help the user where appropiate, without interrupting when he hadn’t even the chance to enter anything. Coming up in the next version: Ajax validation. Finally.

Release: Validation plugin 1.0 final

Its out! A version of the jQuery validation plugin that I call 1.0 final. I hope to improve the versioning of the plugin from this point on. On my list of possible milestone targets are more sophisticated event-handling per-element, a lot of integration examples with other plugins and libraries like date- and timepicker, masked input […]

Plugin Parade #4: Chili

See One of the most interesting and useful jQuery plugins for a developer posting code snippets on the web is Chili. Chilli stands for “code highlighter”, is written and maintained by Andrea Ercolino and published under the MIT opensource license. To use the plugin, you need to include the plugin itself and all the […]

Release: Validation plugin release candidate 1

“Release early, release often”. I try. And here it is, the first release candidate of my validation plugin. A few more features where added, a heavy refactoring completed to remove all dependencies on IDs, the long-known Opera issue with select-elements is fixed and more. As always, all interesting stuff is on the plugin page, with […]

Release: Validation plugin beta 3

I’m glad to announce validation plugin beta 3. A lot of feedback from users went into this release, in the form of several bug fixes and new features. Thanks everyone who participated somehow! As usual, all interesting stuff like downloads, examples and documentation are on the plugin page. I’ve also updated the Plugins API browser […]

Release: Validation plugin beta 2

The validation plugin beta 2 is out! If you are already working with it: A update is recommended. If not, and you need client-side validation (pure or mixed with AJAX requests), check it out. Recent changes: Improved dependecy feature by adding two custom expressions: “:blank” to select elements with an empty value and “:filled” to […]

How would jQuery look like in… Java?

I was thinking about how jQuery would look like when implemented in other languages: Is it possible to offer the same API jQuery currently provides in JavaScript? Is it easier, or more difficult? What are the differences? Since I’m most familiar with Java, I started to mock up some classes. I’m relying on some of […]

Release: Accordion menu plugin 1.1

For anyone using the Accordion menu plugin, or looking for it: Version 1.1 is out! This includes all bug fixes since the first release, update to jQuery 1.1, and an overhaul of the plugin page, including documentation. A zip archive with both uncompressed and compressed files is ready for download, or you can check it […]

jQuery Tools: API Browser

Update: The API Browser now supports external search requests, just add a “q” query paramter to the URL, eg. to searach for “ajax” you’d add “?q=ajax”. Very handy as a Firefox search extension. According to the feedback I got via IRC and jQuery’s mailing list, there are several people using my API browser (so far […]

Release: Treeview plugin for jQuery

I’d like to announce the release of my Treeview plugin for jQuery, which is based on the work of Myles Angell. It allows you to take nested unordered lists and convert them into a collapsable and expandable tree. It provides options to animate toggling, display the tree collapsed at first, select certain branches to start […]

Unobtrusive “clear searchfield on focus”

A very common yet annoying task in daily webdeveloping is to clear the text displayed in a search field, when the field is focused. And even better, the text should be restored when the user leaves the input field empty. The naive approach uses inline onblur and onclick javascript, or maybe at least onblur and […]

jQuery 1.1.1 Release

A week after jQuery’s one year birthday and the 1.1 release, version 1.1.1 was released. While 1.1 contained a few (new) bugs, these are now fixed, and an update is highly recommended. jQuery 1.1 provides some important new features, simplifies the API a lot and it’s selectors are way faster. Instead of just listing the […]

jQuery 1.1b Release

Today jQuery 1.1b was released. It fixes all the bugs that were found in 1.1a and to prepare for the 1.1 final release. If you find any bugs, and please consider everything that doesn’t work after upgrading a bug, report them. Together with 1.1b, the compability plugin was released. If 1.1 breaks any of your […]

jQuery 1.1a Release

jQuery 1.1a was released a few hours ago and is ready for public testing. Apart from lots of bugfixes, major speed improvments, a heavy API cleanup and several new features (to be detailed in the next days), you get a nice mediawiki based documentation. If you’ve got any questions, visit IRC ( #jquery)

Plugin parade #3: methods

Take a look at this code snippets: String.prototype.trim = function(){ return this.replace(/(^\\s+|\\s+$)/g, “”); }; It provides a very powerful method, it can often be useful when working with Strings, eg. when formatting text from form inputs. Adding it as String method via the String.prototype makes the usage easier then a class global function. Instead of […]

Plugin parade #2: form

You started with a simple HTML form, maybe for registering new users. Now someone asked you to put all kinds of other stuff on that page, and you don’t want the user to reload all that when the form is submitted. But you also don’t want to gather all the input fields, serialize and send […]

Plugin parade #1: metadata

A common problem when developing web applications is to provide some data from your server-side to client-side scripts. Consider a client-side form validation: You don’t want to generate tons of inline scripts and you don’t want to dynamically generate your javascript files. So you need a way to provide and read metadata from the HTML […]

jQuery Plugin Authoring guide

As soon as you start writing your own jQuery plugins, which is highly recommend to organise and reuse your code, you should check out the official jQuery plugin authoring guide. It has evolved quite a lot since it’s creation and documents several patterns found in jQuery plugins by a lot of different authors. It may […]

jQuery related news: 1.0.4 release, people, tooltip

Some news about the jQuery project and related stuff: jQuery 1.0.4 was released on 12th Dezember, featuring tons of bug fixes and several improvements to API documentation in general and with focus on the AJAX module. Details can be found in John’s release entry. If you are wondering about the jQuery team, John has also […]

jQuery Tooltip Update

There were quite a few requests to fix a certain issue with the Tooltip plugin. Whenever the tooltip was displayed at the bottom or right of the screen, it moved outside the viewport and caused scrollbars to appear. This is now fixed: The tooltip checks it’s position and moves itself more to the top or […]

Release: Accordion menu plugin for jQuery

John Resig released a screencast about an “Expandable Sidebar Menu”[0], in other words: An accordion menu. While his screencast is a great demonstration and tutorial for everyone beginning with jQuery, the menu itself is somewhat limited. If you are looking for a more flexible implementation, you got to just the right place. The original implementation […]

jQuery sightings: Impress your girlfriend

Just seen: Impress your girlfriend with jQuery. Funny 🙂

jQuery API draft

I started working on a new stylesheet for the jQuery API documentation. Both the current and it’s alternative, Visual jQuery, have some serious limitations. My draft tries to handle the biggest problem: An easy-to-use navigation. Both alphabetical and categorized listings are to be displayed as nested (for categories) and expandalbe trees. So far the listing […]

jQuery Plugin Release: Tooltip

Small, easy to use and maybe just what you are looking for: This jQuery plugin provides you with customizable tooltips. Documentation, examples and download links are all on their own page. As soon as the jQuery SVN repository is available again, I’ll commit the source, so anyone can improve the implementation if he likes. Comments […]

Visual jQuery Magazine

s. Visual jQuery Magazine Die erste Ausgabe des “Visual jQuery Magzine”, ein Online-Magazin im PDF-Format, von, über und mit jQuery, ist heute erschienen. Eine lesenswerte Mischung aus Interviews, Tutorials, Plugin Parade und anderem.

jQuery Getting Started Guide

Update: This guide is now available as part of the offical jQuery documentation Ce guide est aussi disponible en version français Wer beim Webdesign Javascript einsetzen möchte, sollte sich unbedingt jQuery anschauen. jQuery ist eine sehr schlanke und gut dokumentierte Bibliothek, die sich von vergleichbaren Produkten primär durch eine spezielle Syntax absetzt. Für einen gute […]