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Plugin Parade #4: Chili

See One of the most interesting and useful jQuery plugins for a developer posting code snippets on the web is Chili. Chilli stands for “code highlighter”, is written and maintained by Andrea Ercolino and published under the MIT opensource license. To use the plugin, you need to include the plugin itself and all the […]

Plugin parade #3: methods

Take a look at this code snippets: String.prototype.trim = function(){ return this.replace(/(^\\s+|\\s+$)/g, “”); }; It provides a very powerful method, it can often be useful when working with Strings, eg. when formatting text from form inputs. Adding it as String method via the String.prototype makes the usage easier then a class global function. Instead of […]

Plugin parade #2: form

You started with a simple HTML form, maybe for registering new users. Now someone asked you to put all kinds of other stuff on that page, and you don’t want the user to reload all that when the form is submitted. But you also don’t want to gather all the input fields, serialize and send […]

Plugin parade #1: metadata

A common problem when developing web applications is to provide some data from your server-side to client-side scripts. Consider a client-side form validation: You don’t want to generate tons of inline scripts and you don’t want to dynamically generate your javascript files. So you need a way to provide and read metadata from the HTML […]