Release: Validation plugin 1.0 final

Its out! A version of the jQuery validation plugin that I call 1.0 final.

I hope to improve the versioning of the plugin from this point on. On my list of possible milestone targets are more sophisticated event-handling per-element, a lot of integration examples with other plugins and libraries like date- and timepicker, masked input plugin and richtext editors like TinyMCE and FCKEditor. A long term target is to provide the necessary integration code for different serverside frameworks like CakePHP, Rails or JSF.


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  1. Mark M

    Thanks for a great jquery plug-in! One issue though. When jQuery is in “noconflict” mode, the validation plugin produces an error on line 586 (of the jquery.validate.js Final) during the focusCleanup. Changing this line:

    $(this).removeClass( validator.settings.errorClass );

    to this:

    jQuery(this).removeClass( validator.settings.errorClass );

    fixes the issue. Might be time for version 1.01 🙂


  2. Thanks mark. I really need to modify my test page so I don’t forget to check that.

  3. Ermath

    Happy to see this version. Thanks! However, I cannot get events to work (“keyup” as well as “blur”). The form is validated upon submission, though. What am I missing?

  4. @Mark: I’ve fixed that and just overwrote the 1.0 release.

    @Ermath: That is a regression I could have avoided. I already have some much more advanced code ready to handle keyup and blur events in a more appropiate way, but that didn’t make it into 1.0. Unfortuanetely I forgot to put the old event-code back in.

    I’ll try to release 1.1 soon. It just needs some more testing.

  5. Pierre Carion


    This link is broken – or at least leads to an empty page:

  6. @Pierre: There is a weird issue at work, you are not the first to report that issue. I haven’t yet figured out whats going wrong.