WordPress Plugin: Comment Validation

Ever got annoyed when submitting a comment on a wordpress blog and just getting a blank page with a error message like “please fill out required fields” and nothing else? This plugin aims to help by adding validation to the comment form. When a user submits the form and something is missing, an appropiate message is displayed and individual fields are highlighted. When the email or url is in an incorrect format, a message is displayed accordingly.

Why should you install it?
Because you care for comments and want to help users reduce mistakes that hold them off from commenting at all.

Whats the technology used?
jQuery (bundled with WordPress) and the jQuery Validation plugin with a few customizations to make it fit into the standard WordPress theme.

Is it compatible with other plugins? The plugin is tested with the Draw Comments plugin and works, though the performance is slightly degraded. Other plugins haven’t yet been tested, though it now uses the wp_enqueue_script functions for the script includes, ensuring proper dependency loading.

Download WordPress-Comment-Validation-Plugin (zip)


Download the plugin, extract it to your wp-content/plugins directory and activate it just like any other wordpress plugin (admin panel/Plugins). That’s it!