Release: Tooltip plugin 1.2

I’ve just released an update to the tooltip plugin. Its mostly a bugfix release with a few small improvements. I’ve also moved the documentation to the jQuery wiki and restructured the folder layout to fit other plugins.

From the changelog:

  • Improved bodyHandler option to accept HTML strings, DOM elements and jQuery objects as the return value
  • Fixed bug in Safari 3 where to tooltip is initially visible, by first appending to DOM then hiding it
  • Improvement for viewport-border-positioning: Add the classes “viewport-right” and “viewport-bottom” when the element is moved at the viewport border.
  • Moved and enhanced documentation to
  • Added examples for bodyHandler: footnote-tooltip and thumbnail
  • Added id option, defaults to “tooltip”, override to use a different id in your stylesheet
  • Moved demo tooltip style to screen.css
  • Moved demo files to demo folder and dependencies to lib folder
  • Dropped image map example – completely incompatible with IE; image maps aren’t supported anymore

Have fun!


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  1. brikou

    well, your plugin is great … I still have some missing feature which could make things even more easier…

    1/ often, a field validation is required when this field is in fact enable, so i could check enability of a field with required: function () { /* return ‘disabled!=true’ */ }, ic ould be great if this was native… what do you think of it?

    2/ it could be also great to add rules on the fly, i mean i can hydrate an object of rules then add this variable to the function call , but i could be bvetter to have a method to add rule on the fly

    Thanks again, and tell me what do you think of it

  2. Feed

    Jörn, the last example in your demo page (repositioning at viewport borders) is not working properly, at least in Firefox. If you hover in the “left” part of the link it doesn’t work properly, the tooltip gets “squished” and creates a horizontal scrollbar

  3. @brikou: Your comment doesn’t seem to be anyhow related to the tooltip plugin, and in any case, please post issues or support requests to the jQuery discussion list.

    @Feed: Yeah, so far I was unable to get that fixed. I hope the issue gets resolved in Firefox 3.

  4. cmil

    Hi Jörn, is there a way to access the original contents of the title attribute from my bodyHandler function? I’d like to use the original title to determine the tooltip content.