Release: Validation plugin 1.2.1

The 1.2.1 release for the validation plugin is out! Among bugfixes related to remote validation and message display a few handy improvements landed: The delegate dependency is now bundled with the plugin (it was always required anyway), and the small part of the ajaxQueue plugin that was required for remote validation is now part of the validation plugin, too. So now all you need to include is the jquery.validate.js file, nothing else.

Also fixed are the url and email validation methods. They now check for top-level domains (eg. the “.de” in “”). A version where that is still optional is included in the package via additional-methods.js.

I’ve also improved some demos to provide a better reference.

The complete list of changes:

  • Bundled delegeate plugin with validate plugin – its always required anyway
  • Improved remote validation to include parts from the ajaxQueue plugin for proper synchronization (no additional plugin necessary)
  • Fixed stopRequest to prevent pendingRequest < 0
  • Added jQuery.validator.autoCreateRanges property, defaults to false, enable to convert min/max to range and minlength/maxlength to rangelength; this basically fixes the issue introduced by automatically creating ranges in 1.2
  • Fixed optional-methods to not highlight anything at all if the field is blank, that is, don’t trigger success
  • Allow false/null for highlight/unhighlight options instead of forcing a do-nothing-callback even when nothing needs to be highlighted
  • Fixed validate() call with no elements selected, returning undefined instead of throwing an error
  • Improved demo, replacing metadata with classes/attributes for specifying rules
  • Fixed error when no custom message is used for remote validation
  • Modified email and url validation to require domain label and top label
  • Fixed url and email validation to require TLD (actually to require domain label); 1.2 version (TLD is optional) is moved to additionals as url2 and email2
  • Fixed dynamic-totals demo in IE6/7 and improved templating, using textarea to store multiline template and string interpolation
  • Added login form example with “Email password” link that makes the password field optional
  • Enhanced dynamic-totals demo with an example of a single message for two fields

Have fun!

PS: Please post support requests to the jQuery discussion list. I’ll answer them there.


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  1. Thank you for this wonderful work you are sharing, Jörn!

  2. Hi Mr. 🙂
    Your pluggin is so good. Congrats!
    But… if I use jQuery’s method to submit a form, bug occurs.

    Using that, the pluggin dont work correctly, can you show me some way to fix?
    Very thnx

  3. Is there a listing of all of the available rules?



  4. Brian: Yep!