Release: Validation Plugin 1.5

A new release of the validation plugin is done, now at version 1.5.

Four more localizations were added: norwegian (no), italian (it), hungarian (hu), and romanian (ro), bringing the total number up to 16 localizations!

A few new options are available as well: ignoreTitle is false by default, when set to true, all titles are ignored when looking for messages. This should be used when dealing with problems with the Google Toolbar.

The rules-method now accepts also messages, making it equivalent to other means of providing rules and messages, just as the last release enabled messages to be specified via metadata.

As a shortcut for manually binding the invalid-form custom event, there is now the invalidHandler-option, the counterpart of submitHandler, called whenever an invalid form is submitted.

A major enhancement affects the remote method: You can now fully customize the request being send to the server by providing $.ajax options as the paramter. It still accepts the url as a string paramter for compability. Details are provided in the documentation for the remote method.

The complete list of changes:

  • Improved basic demo, validating confirm-password field after password changed
  • Fixed basic validation to pass the untrimmed input value as the first parameter to validation methods, changed required accordingly; breaks existing custom method that rely on the trimming
  • Added norwegian (no), italian (it), hungarian (hu) and romanian (ro) localization
  • Fixed #3195: Two flaws in swedish localization
  • Fixed #3503: Extended rules(“add”) to accept messages propery: use to specify add custom messages to an element via rules(“add”, { messages: { required: “Required! ” } });
  • Fixed #3356: Regression from #2908 when using meta-option
  • Fixed #3370: Added ignoreTitle option, set to skip reading messages from the title attribute, helps to avoid issues with Google Toolbar; default is false for compability
  • Fixed #3516: Trigger invalid-form event even when remote validation is involved
  • Added invalidHandler option as a shortcut to bind(“invalid-form”, function() {})
  • Fixed Safari issue for loading indicator in ajaxSubmit-integration-demo (append to body first, then hide)
  • Added test for creditcard validation and improved default message
  • Enhanced remote validation, accepting options to passthrough to $.ajax as paramter (either url string or options, including url property plus everything else that $.ajax supports)

As usual, support is available via:

  • Please post questions to the jQuery discussion list, putting [validate] into the subject of your post, making it easier to spot it and respond quickly. Keep your question short and succinct and provide code when possible; a testpage makes it much more likely that you get an useful answer in no time.
  • Please post bug reports and other contributions (enhancements, features, eg. new validation methods) to the jQuery bug tracker (requires registration). Please put [validate] into the title of a ticket.

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  1. Anonymous

    Customizing the remote request is nice, still need a way to send a custom server response…

  2. James Hughes

    +1 on the custom server response.