Street Fighter 4

Early this month, Street Fighter 4 was released for PC. As long as you have a gamepad at hand, its a great game: easy to get started, and very hard to master. If you’re into mastering, this site with tips and strategies may be useful.

To play online, challenging other players, or your friends, you may need to tune some router settings. If you can’t join quick games, or that of a friend, try forwarding ports as described in this guide for Games for Windows Live by Microsoft (way better then random forum entries you usually find).

You need the original game with a serial number to play online, but its still a good idea to get a no-dvd fix – otherwise the game takes way too long to start, especially if you just want to do a couple fights.

If you’re up for a fight, challenge me! GfW Live nickname is Enchos.


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  1. Beren

    I’m on PS3 only unfortunately. BTW, gamepads are pants for SF4…