Doener Grenade

Crawling some old backups, I found this:


Can you guess what it is? Well, along other files, there’s also a readme:

Author:    [BIA]_Enchos (TNT)
Email:  [email protected]

Built to replace the HE grenade in Counter-Strike Halflife.

This pack Include:

New Hud Sprites
All new models, v_, p_, and w_
Completly new skins
Installation: Just extract the files to your cstrike-folder.
Be sure that the given pathes are used!
(MDL-files in the models-folder and SPR-files in sprites-folder)
This is a replacement for the HE Grenade, but you can also you
it as a flashbang. Make a copy of the 3 mdl´s and rename them to:

If you don´t want to use the new explosion-sprites, just delete
eexplo.spr, fexplo1.spr and fexplo.spr! 🙁
The “DOENER” is a kind of burger, but in combination with
“TOMATO KETCHUP” it makes “BOOM”. Hurt your enemies
around the corner and they will hate you :-). Shoot through the
corner and they will kill you .-|

Still to do:
I also wanted to make new sounds, but this is not as easy as I thought.
If anybody knows how to do it, please mail me ([email protected]).
Have a LOT of fun!!!
Suggestions, ideas, anything at all is welcome. Just e-mail me.


Be careful with hostages, they are allergic against doener´s.
What? Your enemies too?!?

The highlighted section “explains” the purpose of the tomato ketchup… so yeah, what was I thinking when creating that? I need to figure out how to show you the custom animation; the ketchup was actually poured over the undefined thing in the left hand! Also look at the awesome custom hand-texture…

Looking at the custom grenade models of a random Counterstrike site – this one is still way cooler then those!