Tarantino Mashups

Tarantino movies are great, the music in them is great, and mashing all the movies together is even better. Eclectic Method did that:

Eclectic Method’s The Tarantino Mixtape on Vimeo (HD available only on their site)

Their Tarantino Mixtape is not quite new, but has to be mentioned when looking at this Tarantino plus Cohen Brothers mashup. The beginning is actually very similar, which probably isn’t a coincidance. Mixing in Cohen movies is certainly a good move, though the music mixing isn’t quite as good overall – the transitions are rather weak. Though mixing Samuel L. Jacksons’ bible quote with Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood from Kill Bill I, climaxing into wild shooting scenes is awesome.

Tarantino vs Coen Brothers on YouTube

Harvey Keitel’s “Bam. Bam. Bam.” from Reservoir Dogs is in both, and if you’ve watched The Tarantino Mixtape first, you’ll certainly like the appearance on the second mix. I do. And now I also want to watch Kill Bill I and II again. I probably should give up on waiting for the Kill Bill Director’s Cut – both movies as one, as originally intended – and just watch them as-is. Still have the shrink-wrapped DVD lying around here… And I want to watch all of the movies in here that I haven’t seen, yet. And watch Inglorious Basterds again. Oh my…

PS: If you like the Eclectic Method mashup, be sure to check Lock up your Videos. There are a few goodies on their vimeo channel, too, but its rather random and not nearly on the level as the Tarantino Mixtape or LUYV.


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  1. wow, ive been looking for something like that for years. i love it. tarantino rulez. thanks alot

  2. love his older movies. but the new one are just not that got imo