Autocomplete is dead, long live Autocomplete!

I’m finally deprecating the jQuery autocomplete plugin, about four years after its creation (which was actually a merge of two forks of another plugin). jQuery UI 1.8 was released in March, bundling the brand new Autocomplete widget and a worthy successor of my standalone plugin. The API is way more simpler while much more capable, eg. its now trivial to work with JSON. And thanks to Themeroller-support, the result looks a lot better.

Today I’ve finally finished the Autocomplete Migration Guide, which explains how to migrate from ye olde plugin to the new jQuery UI Autocomplete widget. It covers the various options and their replacements, if any. In a lot of cases, we were able to get rid of the options by providing better defaults or by restructuring the API, with the source option being the most prominent example.

The next major jQuery UI release should include the new Tooltip widget, paving the way to shut down another plugin on this site.


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  1. Christian

    Hi Jörn,
    Thank you so much for this really great plugin. It’s good to know that a lot of useful plugins like this one will be migrated to jQuery UI.