Status October 2010

I’ve got three drafts that I hope to eventually publish here, though unless I make some progress in December, likely not this year. And now that I’m completely hooked to Twitter, if you are somewhat interested in my geeky activities, follow me on Twitter.

In terms of programming activies, my GitHub profile gives a good idea what I’m working on. If you care about jQuery UI, give the tooltip and spinner widgets a try, both to land in 1.9. Spinner should be the focus of the 1.9 Milestone 3 release, probably next week.

If you care about mobile web development, check out jQuery Mobile. An alpha got released at the jQuery Conference in Boston two weeks ago, and we’re already seeing really cool stuff built on top of it.

Independent of all that, I’m planning to buy a bass modelling amp sometime soon, with the goal of forcing myself to start playing bass again, through cognitive dissonance: “I’ve payed that much for the amp, now I have to play again!”. May not work due to the fact that I already own equipment worth several thousand euros…

While talking about music: Very much looking forward to Rockband 3 and its pro-guitar and pro-keyboard modes. Anyone played that already? Harmonix goal of ‘closing the gap between gamers and musicians’ resonates a lot with me.

Speaking of music: One of my first projects when going freelance in December is with Soundcloud, the “Flickr for musicians”, as they used to pitch it (and I still do). This will likely involve jQuery Mobile. Looking forward to working with the Soundcloud team.


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  1. Jörn, liking the spinner widget – seems to work well.

    Feature request: Is it possible to add modifier keys (Cmd/Ctrl, e.g.) for finer / coarser control as in the jQuery Increment plugin?

  2. Hey Sean, thanks for your comment.

    On that feature request: Certainly something to discuss, eg. on the planning wiki page for spinner. Personally I’d rather leave that out, instead make sure that the step is configured (maybe even < 1) while relying on the non-linear increment (incremental: true) to input larger values quickly.

  3. Marcus Tucker

    That’s odd, the tooltip & spinner links don’t work, even when accessed directly from the planning pages – e.g.

    And SoundCloud is awesome, will look forward to seeing what you come up with for mobile devices 🙂