Release: Validation Plugin 1.8.1

An update for the jQuery validation plugin is available. This brings compability with jQuery 1.6.1, while staying backwards compatible with 1.3.2, 1.4.2, 1.4.4 and 1.5.2.

The bug was related to the plugin’s usage of the form.elements property, which jQuery 1.6 doesn’t support anymore. Other then that, there is a bug fix for adding and removing the error and valid classes on radio and checkbox elements (thanks to Phil Haack for the contribution), as well as two new localizations: Thai and Vietnamese. That brings the plugin to a total of 37 supported locales.

If you’ve been testing 1.8.0 release with jQuery 1.6 and couldn’t get it to work, despite the note saying that its working, please update to 1.8.1. The form.elements fix was in place before 1.6 final got released, and I only tested against latest code on GitHub, while 1.8.0 was indeed broken.

Download this release.

The full changelog:

  • Added Thai (TH) localization, fixes #85
  • Added Vietnamese (VI) localization, thanks Ngoc
  • Fixed issue #78. Error/Valid styling applies to all radio buttons of same group for required validation.
  • Don’t use form.elements as that isn’t supported in jQuery 1.6 anymore. Its buggy as hell anyway (IE6-8: form.elements === form).
  • Please post questions to the official Using jQuery Plugins Forum, tagging your question with (at least) “validate”. Keep your question short and succinct and provide code when possible; a testpage makes it much more likely that you get an useful answer in no time.
  • Please post bug reports and other contributions (enhancements, features, eg. new validation methods) to the GitHub issue tracker



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  1. Géza

    Is it linkable from any cdn already? On Microsoft cdn only 1.8.0 is available. Thanks

  2. @Géza: Its now available on the Microsoft CDN.