OSX Software, a year later

Almost a year ago, 28th November 2010, I started a list of must-have OSX software, gather a lot of suggestions via Twitter, comments and email. I updated the post about two dozen times, mostly in December 2010. Its about time to make my own list, based on what I use consistently.


  • Fluid as an app container for GMail. Sucks, but the best I could find until Chrome finally supports Application Shortcuts on OSX.
  • Chrome as my regular browser, with 1Password, AdBlock, RSS Subscription (restores the RSS icon) and Sight (syntax highlighting for raw files) as extensions
  • Adium for IRC, Jabber (GTalk), AIM and ICQ
  • Skype
  • Keynote when web-based presentation tools aren’t cutting it
  • Twitter for Mac, mostly to check other accounts, like @qunitjs, runs only when I need it
  • 1Password to generate and mange passwords. Chrome integration is nice, runs also on Windows machine and Android phone.
  • Tunnelblick for VPN connections


  • Homebrew to install and keep up-to-date tools like git
  • iTerm2 as the much better terminal
  • Eclipse is still the IDE for the rare Java project
  • Sublime Text 2 is becoming my primary editor
  • Filezilla for the rare FTP upload
  • VirtualBox to test IEs and Windows screenreaders. The only software on this list that sometimes crashes, and its been a long time since it managed to also take down the entire system.


  • iTunes for music
  • VLC for video
  • Picasa for photos

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  1. Thank you for the follow up. I will take a look into Sight for Chrome, Sublime Text 2 and homebrew.

    Do you use Sublime Text 2 for diffs and merging in git?

  2. Sparrow App is a killer Gmail client.