Ye olde recordings, random

To add insult to injury, here are some more recordings, created between 2006 and 2009.

To start, a Funk Jam Mix with Gerrit and Uwe.

Up next, a never finished song, for some reason filed as “radioedit”, there’s just drum and bass, Uwe and me:

This is an odd one. As far as I can remember, some VST drum computer, where I just changed patterns here and there, plus VST-based piano with some custom bass. Whatever.

Last but not least, a version of Pour Me A Glass, with an oldschool Remaining cast.

That’s it. Whatever comes next is going to be some new recordings. Hopefully sometime this year…


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  1. Just recently I started learning the guitar (again). We should do a jam session sometime later this year.

    Back on topic:

    I love the Funk Jam Mix and Freewilly, they are great for chilling out and project planing. Song 5 suits very well for coding.

    the pourmeaglass recording is a bit to unclean, the song sounds ab bit to crunchy to me.

  2. Thanks Enes, I appreciate your comments!

    You’re right about the pourmeaglass recording. We didn’t have a good recording setup in the Remaining cellar.

    And yeah, we should do some jamming!