Release: Validation Plugin 1.11.0

A new version of the jQuery Validation Plugin is available. Once again this release brings more stability (bug fixes!), better localization (new: Malay) and improved html5 compability (min/max attributes on type=”date” now work with the min/max methods). More details on the code and feature changes in the changelog below.

Backwards compatibility is still going strong: The plugin should work with anything from jQuery 1.4.x to 1.9.x.

This is the first release to make it to the new jQuery Plugins site.

Download this release.

If you use the plugin, please donate or ask your boss to make a donation!

Click here to lend your support to: jQuery Validation Plugin and make a donation at !

The full changelog:

  • Remove clearing as numbers of `min`, `max` and `range` rules. Fixes #455. Closes gh-528.
  • Update pre-existing labels – fixes #430 closes gh-436
  • Fix $.validator.format to avoid group interpolation, where at least IE8/9 replaces -bash with the match. Fixes #614
  • Fix mimetype regex
  • Add plugin manifest and update headers to just MIT license, drop unnecessary dual-licensing (like jQuery).
  • Hebrew messages: Removed dots at end of sentences – Fixes gh-568
  • French translation for require_from_group validation. Fixes gh-573.
  • Allow groups to be an array or a string – Fixes #479
  • Removed spaces with multiple MIME types
  • Fix some date validations, JS syntax errors.
  • Remove support for metadata plugin, replace with data-rule- and data-msg- (added in 907467e8) properties.
  • Added sftp as a valid url-pattern
  • Add Malay (my) localization
  • Update localization/messages_hu.js
  • Remove focusin/focusout polyfill. Fixes #542 – Inclusion of jquery.validate interfers with focusin and focusout events in IE9
  • Localization: Fixed typo in finnish translation
  • Fix RTM demo to show invalid icon when going from valid back to invalid
  • Fixed premature return in remote function which prevented ajax call from being made in case an input was entered too quickly. Ensures remote validation always validates the newest value.
  • Undo fix for #244. Fixes #521 – E-mail validation fires immediately when text is in the field.
As usual:
  • Please post questions to the official Using jQuery Plugins Forum, tagging your question with (at least) “validate”. Keep your question short and succinct and provide code; a testpage makes it much more likely that you get an useful answer in no time.
  • Please post bug reports and other contributions (enhancements, features, eg. new validation methods) to the GitHub issue tracker



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  1. Thanks a lot Jörn!

    Your Java Script validation functions make our lives a lot easier and our forms a lot prettier.