Release: Validation Plugin 1.14.0

The first stable release of the jQuery Validation Plugin, 1.0.0, came out in June 2007, making the project now a little over 8 years old, pretty seasoned for a JavaScript library. According to, its the 25th most popular JavaScript library, with over 1.3 million websites using it. I’m happy to announce the 14th release (discounting various patch releases) of the project, bringing it up to 1.14.0. While a lot of people contributed to this release in some form, I’d like to give Markus Staab a special call out. He’s been helping with ticket triage along with addressing some issues himself, overall being a big help in keeping the project alive.

The release itself brings a lot of small improvements and fixes, along with several new localizations. The plugin now relies of jQuery’s .on() and .off() method, making jQuery 1.7.0 the minimallay supported jQuery version. For a full list of all the changes, check out the changelog below.

Download this release.

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33 people contributed to this release. A big thank you to: a-barry, Ajay Singh, Brahim Arkni, Calinou, Carles Jove i Buxeda, Daniel DeGroff, Darshan Jani, David Weston, dnomak, Florent, hanumanum, Igor, James, jered, Jesus, Maks, Maks3w, Manuel Dalla Lana, Marek ‘saji’ Augustynowicz, Markus Staab, Merab Tato Kutalia, Michael J, Nadi, Pietu1998, rskm1, Ryley Breiddal, sekander, Shimmy, Shonetow, Stefano Stoduto, wozzo, Yair Sladowsky, Zen Chua.

  • Please post questions to the official Using jQuery Plugins Forum, tagging your question with (at least) “validate”. Keep your question short and succinct and provide code; a testpage makes it much more likely that you get an useful answer in no time.
  • Please post bug reports and other contributions (enhancements, features, e.g. new validation methods) to the GitHub issue tracker

The full changelog:


  • Remove unused removeAttrs method
  • Replace regex for url method
  • Remove bad url param in $.ajax, overwritten by $.extend
  • Properly handle nested cancel submit button
  • Refactor attributeRules and dataRules to share noramlizer
  • dataRules method to convert value to number for number inputs
  • Update url method to allow for protocol-relative URLs
  • Remove deprecated $.format placeholder
  • Use jQuery 1.7+ on/off, add destroy method
  • IE8 compatibility changed .indexOf to $.inArray
  • Cast NaN value attributes to undefined for Opera Mini
  • Stop trimming value inside required method
  • Use :disabled selector to match disabled elements
  • Exclude some keyboard keys to prevent revalidating the field
  • Do not search the whole DOM for radio/checkbox elements
  • Throw better errors for bad rule methods
  • Fixed number validation error
  • Fix reference to whatwg spec
  • Focus invalid element when validating a custom set of inputs
  • Reset element styles when using custom highlight methods
  • Escape dollar sign in error id
  • Revert “Ignore readonly as well as disabled fields.”
  • Update link in comment for Luhn algorithm


  • Update dateITA to address timezone issue
  • Fix extension method to only method period
  • Fix accept method to match period only
  • Update time method to allow single digit hour
  • Drop bad test for notEqualTo method
  • Add notEqualTo method
  • Use correct jQuery reference via $
  • Remove useless regex check in iban method
  • Brazilian CPF number


  • Update messages_tr.js
  • Update messages_sr_lat.js
  • Adding Perú Spanish (ES PE)
  • Adding Georgian (ქართული, ge)
  • Fixed typo in catalan translation
  • Improve Finnish (fi) translation
  • Add armenian (hy_AM) locale
  • Extend italian (it) translation with currency method
  • Add bn_BD locale
  • Update zh locale
  • Remove full stop at the end of italian messages