This blog is about programming (with focus on web applications and JavaScript), music and other stuff the author happens to write about.

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  • Jörn is a software engineer, living in Köln, Germany, currently building audio toys for kids at Tonies.
  • He worked at sloppy.io for several years, building a Docker hosting service aimed at developers.
  • He used to work as a freelance web developer, consultant and trainer for several, including a long project at SoundCloud.
  • He has been involved in the jQuery project since the beginning in 2006, and helped found the jQuery Foundation (now OpenJS Foundation), serving on the board of directors till early 2015.
  • He was development lead of jQuery UI.
  • He created QUnit, a JavaScript unit testing framework, and helps maintain it as a project of the jQuery Foundation.
  • He created and maintained a number of open source projects, most of them available on npm. The jQuery Validation plugin is by far the most popular of these, used on thousands of sites.
  • He tweets as @bassistance.