Implementing HTTP/2 push in Java

This is another guest post by my friend Tobi. —Jörn The story: Some months ago I started to play around with HTTP/2 and wondered what should get better with this piece of technology, where are the limitations and pitfalls. So I first went to Wikipedia and read the Wikipedia article about HTTP/2 and the RFC […]

When new is worse: MacBook Air 2012 screens

This is another guest post by my friend Tobi. —Jörn It has been a few weeks since I bought a brand new Apple MacBook Air Mid 2012. As far as I tested it is a very solid piece of hardware. Nevertheless, there is one annoying point I want to show up within this post. All began […]

Motional desktop and the last tweak

This is a guest post by my friend Tobi, on how to create a fancy custom animated desktop wallpaper. —Jörn Ever wondered if it is possible to create an animated background for Windows 7, since ActiveDesktop has been removed? The answer is: YES, IT IS. Lets start with the last tweak and then putting the […]