Release: Validation Plugin 1.5.2

An update for the jQuery validation plugin is available. There is a small code fix, a new supported locale (slovak) and most notably, a new demo featuring integration with jQuery UI tabs and grouping selects.

  • Fixed messages in additional-methods.js for maxWords, minWords, and rangeWords to include call to $.format
  • Fixed value passed to methods to exclude carriage return (r), same as jQuery’s val() does
  • Added slovak (sk) localization
  • Added demo for intergration with jQuery UI tabs
  • Added selects-grouping example to tabs demo (see second tab, birthdate field)

As usual, support is available via:

  • Please post questions to the jQuery discussion list, putting [validate] into the subject of your post, making it easier to spot it and respond quickly. Keep your question short and succinct and provide code when possible; a testpage makes it much more likely that you get an useful answer in no time.
  • Please post bug reports and other contributions (enhancements, features, eg. new validation methods) to the jQuery bug tracker (requires registration). Please put [validate] into the title of a ticket.



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  1. 20. March 2009 |16:01

    Great! Thanks for all your hard work!

  2. Bernd Matzner
    20. March 2009 |20:24

    Hi Jörn,

    fantastic plugin!

    The download on your site still contains 1.5.1 – while on the jQuery plugins repository it contains the updated version. The name of the file, however, is a little misleading:

    Thanks for your work!

  3. 21. March 2009 |12:08

    @Bernd: Good call, fixed the file on my site. I don’t control the file names on though, can’t fix that.

    @Joel: The plugin heavily relies on a form element, so thats currently not possible. I have some ideas for subform validation, but not quite there yet.

  4. CurlyFro
    2. April 2009 |22:39

    i need subform validation too.

  5. chris
    16. April 2009 |18:16

    The subform validation would be fantastic. I’ve been struggling with how to use the validation easily on an form with a progression of questions that are divided into divs all on the same form. Would appreciate any suggestions or BKMs. thanks for the badass plugin.

  6. PB
    27. May 2009 |06:34

    Great! Thanks for all your hard work!

  7. 1. December 2009 |21:34

    thanks for great plugin .. i am writing a series of tutorials about JQuery validation and i am so happy to found such a plugin .