jQuery 1.1.1 Release

A week after jQuery’s one year birthday and the 1.1 release, version 1.1.1 was released. While 1.1 contained a few (new) bugs, these are now fixed, and an update is highly recommended.

jQuery 1.1 provides some important new features, simplifies the API a lot and it’s selectors are way faster. Instead of just listing the details of the new features, I’m gonna write a few guides and tutorials that show applications for these features.

Some users of my plugins (Accordion and Tooltip) reported problems with 1.1: If you haven’t already, don’t hesitate to update!


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  1. Jez

    On the subject of geeks and bass, I thought you might be interested in my site which combines jQuery and buying new gear!

    Example URL:

    The idea is to make a much more usable interface to some online retailers so you can find stuff more easily. So far I’m using tablesorter and quicksearch plugins to manipulate initially large lists of products.

    It is a UK-based site, but I hope you find it interesting!

    Jez (geek bass player)

  2. Hey Jez,

    nice example of jQuery at work. Too bad you haven’t any Peavey Basses 🙂

    A few notes:

    Both sorting and filtering are rather slow on that really big list, maybe you can optimize that a bit. Check out Firebug’s profiler for some hints where optimization would be most appropiate. You need to use to uncompressed jquery.js for that to be any useful.

    Try to rapply tablesorter’s row striping after filtering via quicksearch. I’m pretty sure tablesorter has a method for that task, I’m not sure wheter quicksearch provides the necessary callback.