jQuery 1.1b Release

Today jQuery 1.1b was released. It fixes all the bugs that were found in 1.1a and to prepare for the 1.1 final release. If you find any bugs, and please consider everything that doesn’t work after upgrading a bug, report them.

Together with 1.1b, the compability plugin was released. If 1.1 breaks any of your code due to the necessary API changes, just get the compability plugin and all should run fine. Once you made the necessary changes to switch to 1.1, you can drop the compability plugin. Again, if you spot any problems, report them as a bug, that helps to alot to get them fixed.

Have fun with this great new release.

I’ll be updating my own and the plugins I’ve worked on once 1.1 final is released. There are no compability issues, but I’d like to use some of the new features introduced in 1.1, mostly to reduce code size.


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  1. Hey,

    i tried to mail you – but the server said your email addy was unknown.. guess you mis-spelt it or something 🙂

    Anyway, here’s a paste from that mail:

    As i suspected, webkit ToT worked out of the box.

    I found a api-docs.zip in the same directory, so i downloaded it and tried it out locally – and it worked!
    My guess (as i mentioned in the irc chat) is that this is mime-type related. The x-application/javascript mimetype is for xhtml only (afaik). Try adding the type=”text/javascript” to all your script tags and see if that should help.

    I have some work that has to be done until tomorrow, but i can emulate your server settings later tomorrow and see if it helps.