jQuery Tools: API Browser

The API Browser now supports external search requests, just add a “q” query paramter to the URL, eg. to searach for “ajax” you’d add “?q=ajax”. Very handy as a Firefox search extension.

According to the feedback I got via IRC and jQuery’s mailing list, there are several people using my API browser (so far known as api-draft).

This feedback gave me the motivation to further improve the browser (including a few more plugins), and to create an official release.

The time has come: Link to jQuery API Browser

My own tests yielded good results in Firefox 2.0, Opera 9 and IE6: The browser works quite consistent with and without JavaScript. Of course it is recommended to view it with JavaScript, because you get:

  • Tabbed navigation
  • Treeview on categories
  • Quicksearch on both navigation and main content
  • code highlighting for both HTML and JavaScript snippets
  • a vertical splitter that allows you to resize navigation/content panes
  • highlighting selected methods in the content
  • styled tooltips for method arguments

Without JavaScript, the browser still provides both categorized and alphabetic navigation, and to a certain extend, bookmarks.

The issue with bookmarks is this: The first time you visit the browser, you can select any method and the location hash is properly updated. Once you bookmark the location, including the hash, and return to the site, it jumps to the correct method, but does not update the hash anymore on further navigations. This occurs in both IE and FF, Opera simply fails to jump to the correct method in the first place, but updates the hash on following clicks.

If you like the tool and want to use it in your daily jQuery development: there is a download link at the header of the browser.

Of course your feedback is still appreciated!


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  1. Hi Jörn.

    The quick search is very useful… It was the next enhancement I was going to add to my own jQuery docs replacement (dating back to October 2006) but I’m going to give up on it: yours is now prettry much the same + QuickSearch + Chili, which make it better than mine.

    About Chili, I hope you already found out that 4 days ago I released version 1.5, upon your request. But I noticed (Firebug) that you are using version “1.4”. Did you try the new version?

  2. Hi Andrea,

    thanks for visting! I haven’t updated to Chili 1.5, but added it to my TODO list. It was already quite a pleasure to use it, and I want to add it to this blog soon.

  3. Martin


    I absolutely love the API browser and use it fairly regularly. I was wondering if there were any plans to update it to reflect jQuery 1.2 ?

    thanks for your work!


  4. Hi Martin,

    its still a work in progress, but there is progress!

    Please take a look at the current jQuery 1.2 API browser, a browser for jQuery UI is available, too.

    Feedback is very welcome!

  5. I love your api browser… use it frequently. I think it’s by far the best way to browse the jQuery api.

    Thank you for the great work.