Nonpoint – Statement, internet radio and buying CDs online

I’ve been listening to a lot lately, mostly chroniX aggresion, while programming, helped to ignore the noise in the office around me. I found that radio a great source for new music. Last year I heard Nonpoint there for the first time, bought one of their albums, “Statement”, on amazon and didn’t listen to much else for a few weeks. I had luck with Nonpoint, because the one album I wanted was really cheap on ebay and amazon, 1,5 euro for the CD plus 3 for shipping.

Now again I’m addicted to one band I heard on chronix a few times, called “RA”. There seems to be only one album ever released, “From One”, and I haven’t seen it yet for an acceptable price at the usual shops. And of course the Saturn here in Cologne, calling itself the biggest CD-shop in the world, didn’t have it either. I’d appreciate any hints for shops to look for that album.

Well, as I can’t say much more about RA, back to Nonpoint – Statment:

The first song, “Mindtrip”, was rather difficult to get used to. Of course that isn’t necessarily bad, the music that is rather hard to get used to is often the one you enjoy the longest. I’m bad at describing musical styles: It’s somewhere around NuMetal; h-blockx, Rage Against The Machine and The Mars Volta come to my mind. The latter mostly because of the longest track, “DoubleStakked”. A great and dynamic composition. There is one point in the middle that gets me angry again and again about playing in three bands without a (male) singer, or none at all (in two cases).

More often then not I don’t take notice of content of the lyrics, therefore I can’t say what its all about. With one exception, “Orgullo”, all lyrics are in english.

The only song from “Statement” I found on youtube in an acceptable quality is “Endure”, definitely one of my favorites. It features one speciality of Nonpoint: Extreme strechtes (dunno if that is the right word) of single words or even syllables. Like in the refrain with “enduuuuuurrreeeeeee”. Something like that.
But see, or better listen, for yourself:
[youtube TDX1_XLYF7Y]

There are more videos available, though from ablums I don’t know yet, therefore I just post links, listen on your own risk:

Alive And Kicking
Bullet With A Name
The Truth

Of course everything has it’s dark side, in this case an ugly cover of “In The Air Tonight“, promoted as part of the score of one of the worst movies ever, “Miami Vice”. Don’t watch that movie, ever! Shave your teeth instead, that is less boring!