release parade: jQuery 1.1.2 and format plugin 1.0

jQuery 1.1.2 was released yesterday, hooray. This is a bug fix release. Version 1.1.3 will follow pretty soon, once testing on enhanced animations and event handling is done.

I’ve updated my API browser for version 1.1.2. We backported the improvements made to the documentation from jQuery’s wiki, of course there weren’t any API changes that would require updated docs.

Today I also finished the first version of a small helper plugin called “format“: It extends jQuery’s built-in html() and text() methods with printf-style templating (also available in Firebug’s console).

Usage looks like this:

$("div").html("Hi <strong>%</strong> in the year %?", name, new Date().getYear() + 1900);

And that results in this:

<div>Hi <strong>Peter</strong> in the year 2007?</div>

Pretty handy when doing some HTML templating.

I’ve also update the other plugins in the last days:

Accordion got the alwaysOpen option fixed (allowing you to close open accordion elements) and has now optional animations (were always used before).

The Treeview got a new option, to allow only one branch on one level being open. A callback is provided for react on toggled branches.

More coming soon, in the form of hopefully the last alpha release of the validation plugin.