Online Comics: Darths and Droids – Better late than never!

April Fools’ Day was a month and a half ago, and it took me that long to realize one particular joke as being a joke. How did that happen?

I’ve started reading the Online Comic Darths and Droids sometime around March. Darths and Droids is another role-playing parody, not unlike The Order Of The Stick, but instead of drawn stick-figures, screenshots from Star Wars movies are used. The players of a pen-and-paper Star Wars game, two at the start, play the protagonists, while the gamemaster is anyone else.

All was fine and well and I enjoyed the new strips coming out every 48hours or so, until a certain date. On the first of April they posted this new comic:

With the following text in place of the usual strip-explanation:

We regret to have to announce that we have received a cease-and-desist letter relating to our work on Darths & Droids. As a result of this correspondence and some deeply considered thought, we are discontinuing our use of screenshots from the movie.

However, we still have scripts and story ideas to carry us a long way yet, so we are not giving up the comic altogether. We shall continue on, with just one minor change: All of the images used in the comics will be created by us.

Of course we’d like to recreate the visuals from the movies as closely as we can, but naturally our time and budget are limited. We’ll do the best we can. Hopefully this change won’t be too jarring in the long run.

We thank you in anticipation of your continued support.

Oblivousy to the date of the strip, I unsubscribed from the RSS feed and never thought of it again – until yesterday, when I saw that very same feed in the feed reader of a friend, with several new items. Suddendly realizing that I must have fallen for another stupid April Fool’s joke.

I also like the one with the flying penguins:

[youtube nrxmpihCjqw]

but they are so fat, how can they fly?”

What was your favorite joke this year?


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  1. Oh man, sorry you didn’t get the joke at the time. But glad you found your way back!