Site Update

For anyone working with WordPress or who’d like to know about the recent changes on this site:

I’ve WordPress updated to 2.5.1, which went quite well. I had to use the UTF-8 Database Converter plugin, as I was updating from a version previous to 2.2 which made UTF-8 the default. The plugin works very well and fixes the issue within minutes. Updating to WordPress 2.5.x is well worth it, as the administration interface got a pretty decent overhaul.

I also changed the layout a bit, adapting to the now standard minimum resolution of 1024 horizontal pixels. 960 pixels are my friend.

The more interesting changes are in the sidebar. I’ve removed the blogroll and other links and the long list of categories.
The search is now that the top, followed by a list of recent articles. Then two external services are integrated, my Google Reader shared items and my Twitter account.
Categories are now available via a select element, reducing the necessary space, while the RSS feed icon is now somewhat bigger.

Last but not least, the site should now be completely in english, apart from a few older posts. If you spot anything left in german, please let me know.