Internet Buzzword Generator

The Bug Bash comic, Technology Inventions We’d Like To See, inspired me to implement the buzzword generator, and after a few minutes, it was done. A few more words would help, but I kept it to close to the reference for now.

So I proudly present the

Internet Buzzword Generator

For those interested, it uses jQuery to find random rows and put the word together, this is the JavaScript code:

 * Internet Buzzword Generator, by Jörn Zaefferer
 * MIT licensed
jQuery(function($) {
	function randomRow() {
		var rows = $("tbody tr");
		return rows.filter(":eq(" + parseInt(Math.random() * rows.length) + ")");
	$("button").click(function() {
		$("input").val(randomRow().find("td:first").text() + randomRow().find("td:last").text());

Its MIT licensed, so feel free to reuse the code and adapt to more powerful generators.