Release: Autocomplete Plugin 1.0.1

The autocomplete plugin 1.0.1 is released! For anyone using 1.0 or below, an update is highly recommended, as this is a pure bugfix release.

From the changelog:

  • Fixed element creation (<ul> to <ul/> and <li> to </li>)
  • Fixed ac_even class (was ac_event)
  • Fixed bgiframe usage: now its really optional
  • Removed the blur-on-return workaround, added a less obtrusive one only for Opera
  • Fixed hold cursor keys: Opera needs keypress, everyone else keydown to scroll through result list when holding cursor key
  • Updated package to jQuery 1.2.6, removing dimensions
  • Fixed multiple-mustMatch: Remove only the last term when no match is found
  • Fixed multiple without mustMatch: Don’t select the last active when no match is found (on tab/return)
  • Fixed multiple cursor position: Put cursor at end of input after selecting a value

As usual, if you need any kind of help with the plugin, please post to the jQuery discussion list, putting [autocomplete] into the subject. Have fun!


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  1. Hi Jörn, great to see this update. I’ve been planning a feature on autocomplete scripts – particularly your on jQuery for Designers (planning to be next up).

    You mentioned in the comments on the plugin page that the demos include a JSON example (sorry if this is a sore point – I read a lot of the comments!), but I couldn’t see any going by the Ajax hits.

    Also, I noticed a bug in the last example – I’ll drop you an email offline (though perhaps all of this could have been offline…) 🙂



  2. Hi Remy,

    thanks for your comment. There is indeed a JSON example. Taking a peek at the source it should be obvious why I’m not yet promoting that too heavy. The API needs some improvements to make remote JSON as easy to use as it should be.

  3. Great stuff! Is it planned to become the official jQuery UI autocomplete feature?

  4. Hey Nicolas. Yes, its already in incubation, in the 1.6 branch.

  5. Thanks for this Plugin. This is just great.

  6. Chris Evers

    This is a cool one, especially the ‘tab’ autocomplete…

    Wouldn’t it be possible to blank the input content if the user exits (ie click on anything else) with nothing selected ? It would be a really great thing to have that confusion (text displayed but nothing selected) removed ^^

    Thanks anyway for your great work

  7. Chris, thats already possible: Set matchMust: true.

  8. Hi!

    I’m using the plugin in modern modal-popups, they have position:fixed property attached. Scrolling the window does not affect my popups (due to position:fixed), but the already opened autocomplete layer doesn’t stay in place and moves up and down on my screen while scolling.

    Could you fix this issue please?

    It’s solved in jQuery UI Datepicker component by isFixed variable and fuctions.


  9. thanks!