Release: Tooltip Plugin 1.3

This is a small update for the jQuery tooltip plugin. The support for image maps is back, the deprecated $.fn.Tooltip is gone (just use tooltip() instead), and two new features: A fade option, which takes the duration to fade in/out a tooltip in milliseconds. And the positionLeft-option, which configures the plugin to display the tooltip on the left of the cursor.

From the changelog:

  • Added fade option (duration in ms) for fading in/out tooltips; IE <= 6 is excluded when bgiframe plugin is included
  • Fixed imagemaps in IE, added back example
  • Added positionLeft-option – positions the tooltip to the left of the cursor
  • Remove deprecated $.fn.Tooltip in favor of $.fn.tooltip

Have fun!


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  1. Jorn,

    There is an issue with Tooltip 1.3 and bgiframe 2.1.1 in IE7. The tooltip’s text is transparent and you can see the items behind the tooltip. It’s very odd. It doesn’t occur in Firefox, nor when using bgiframe 2.1.

    Any ideas?

    Luke Brookhart

  2. Matei "Ambient.Impact" Stanca

    Hey. Nice update, though I’m clearly quite late in posting this. I especially love the fading in this version. Is there some way to prevent it from loading new tooltip content if you happen to mouse over another element that also is set to use the tooltip, while fading out, until delay is met? I have several links next to each other, with a delay set, and a certain fade time, and you can see the content change while fading out from the previous link, when going to the next.

  3. Matt

    I know it’s an older post, but has anything been done to fix the bug that Luke (above) posted? I’m seeing the exact same problem in IE7: transparent text when the tooltips are used on the same page with the fade option activated.