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jQuery Foundation 2014 roundup

In January 2014, now 11 months ago, the jQuery Foundation published its new mission statement: To improve the open web, making it accessible for everyone, through the development and support of open source software, and collaboration with the development community. I was one of the directors of the jQuery Foundation who worked on that statement, […]

Autocomplete is dead, long live Autocomplete!

I’m finally deprecating the jQuery autocomplete plugin, about four years after its creation (which was actually a merge of two forks of another plugin). jQuery UI 1.8 was released in March, bundling the brand new Autocomplete widget and a worthy successor of my standalone plugin. The API is way more simpler while much more capable, […]

Labs Preview: jQuery UI Photoviewer

Fresh from the jQuery UI Lab comes the Photoviewer widget. As described on its planning wiki page: An alternative to Lightbox and its various clones, with the sole purpose of displaying images: One or more thumbnails point at the full resolution image, and instead of displaying that image on a new page, its displayed, above […]